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Imperfect Action.

Why is it so hard to just 'go' sometimes? To just put yourself out there and go for it. For me, it's because of the inner perfectionist and critic in my head constantly speaking at me.

Case in point, I have worked on this particular website for...oh, at least 4 months now, on top of the previous year of trying to figure out how to brand myself. I'd look at it, ponder, not know what to change. Not feel ready.

Let me lose 10 lbs before I get a photo shoot.

Let me decide what I want to say.

Let me get my podcast updated and going.

Well guess what, none of those things happened.

I have lost only1.2lbs and did the photo shoot anyway.

I wasn't sure what I was going to say and even changed it about 72 times whilst typing.

And my podcast is not updated. I changed to name and the cover art but the one lonely episode I recorded under the Brand Health moniker still remains.

But I hit 'publish' anyway. you know why? Because imperfect action is better than no action. I named my new podcast This Beautiful Mess because being an entrepreneur, a workin' mama, a human, is a messy journey. I'm tired of holding myself back waiting for the Pinterest Perfect Janda to appear.

She ain't gonna.

So, if you're reading this, you are witness to my imperfect, but mostly updated website that I happen to be pretty proud of. Now go subscribe to that podcast of mine and get out there with your imperfect self!

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