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A Butterfly Gets Her Wings

Y’all. I’ve had a revelation. I am a butterfly.

Let me explain.

A blog post or so ago I ranted and raved about my inability to declutter my home. There are housecleaners but where are the declutterers??

Well today my prayers were answered. Last night as I was randomly scrolling the interwebs, I stumbled across the Clutterbug blog. Let me just post a quick linky link right here.

Apparently she has a show on HGTV but since I don’t have cable anymore I was unaware. Anyway, her website is full of so much goodness, including a quiz letting you know which kind of organizational style you have. Today I discovered her podcast and wow. Just wow. My video lets you know how I feel.

If you have been struggling with getting your house tidy or clean, you need to check her out. You are not alone! Working mamas, any mamas, anybody- if you want to get to the root of clutter please take a few minutes to listen to her podcast. And if you watched my little video, thank you. It cut off at 10 minutes but gets to the point. Clutter is about mindset, and if you can improve your mindset just a teeny tiny bit after reading (or watching) my blog then that’s a teeny tiny win. For you and for me ❤️

link to the website:

the 5% push episode:

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