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2 Legit 2 Quit: Yes, You Are a REAL Business Owner!

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

Ever have those days where your mind won't stop dumping loads of garbage? Today, actually the last week, has been one of those for me.

I find myself leaning towards thoughts of not being legit, not being able to do the work, not wanting to be seen in my business because who am I to think I actually have stuff to offer?! Instead of adding another task to my to-do list, I decided to flip on the video camera and talk. I didn't even turn on the ring light or prop my laptop up because I didn't want my perfectionism to get the best of me. So it's raw, it's real, I even got a spam call in the middle and did I edit it out? Nope! If you're feeling like a fraud, watch this video and be inspired to keep on keepin' on!

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