Focus on building your business, not your website. 

It's not easy being a small business owner, entrepreneur, or side hustlin' mama. When exactly do you have time to make sure your brand messaging is clear, your website is findable and functional, AND your online presence reflects your personality? The answer: you don't!


Let me handle your brand messaging and design while you focus on your clients and patients. 

Hi, I'm Janda, a marketing strategist, designer, copywriter, and mama empowering service providers and health practitioners to get more clients and patients so you can help more people and have a thriving business.  

  • hair salon owner

  • integrative medicine practitioner

  • chiropractor

  • business consultant

  • home service contractor

  • insurance broker

  • physician 

  • health coach

  • personal trainer

  • interior designer

  • real estate agent


You put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get your business up and running.

But when it comes to your website, copywriting, or branding... welllll that's another story. 


It's super difficult to get crystal clear on your messaging and translate that to all facets of your marketing, especially when you are naturally so close to it every day. But you've got to be clear when you're talking to people how you solve THEIR problems in order for them to want to buy from you. You also want to use the keywords and seo tactics that help your site show up in search results. That's where I come in. 


Sometimes I say things...Listen here

this mess..png

Imperfect action is better than no action at all! The journey of building a business, like motherhood, is often messy. But rather than letting that slow you down, I believe you just have to embrace it and work through it. That's why i started my podcast called This Beautiful Mess: Lessons in Marketing, Mindset, and Motherhood. 

Through a mix of guest interviews and solo episodes you'll learn tips on personal branding, websites, copywriting, and email marketing, work on the head trash that's holding you back in business, and share a few laughs and "I'm glad it's not just me" mama moments as I share struggles of raising kids while building a business. 

And there will be plenty of references to the hits of the '80s, '90's and 00's, guaranteed.

Sometimes I write words...Here's my blog

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