The Full Story

Just a creative girl, workin' in a corporate world

I wore the suits and heels for sixteen years...

(insert guitar solo here)


Hi, I'm Janda (like panda with a J.) 

A multi-passionate marketing pro, wife + mama, and podcast host.


I grew up in sunny Florida but now call Chattanooga, TN my home so don't be shocked when I throw out 'y'all' and references to grits and humidity.

Fun fact, I wake up nearly every day with a new song in my head, and even though I can carry a tune, if I do say so myself, my kids always tell me stop singing in the car. 

Uh, no....this is my stage, children, and Whitney needs my help.

But back to the marketing-y things... Over those aforementioned 16 years, I've held roles in television production, insurance marketing and healthcare marketing. I learned a heckuva lot and enjoyed my work but when I became a mama, I realized that a rigid schedule and daily commute didn't leave me much time with my baby. I wanted more flexibility but was never able to get it in those corporate roles. 


Until now. 


In 2021, I landed at an amazing StoryBrand Certified marketing agency called 8Bend Marketing, and spend my days writing Brand Messaging Guides, leading website design and copywriting projects, developing sales funnels, and helping my lovely clients however I can. We work remotely (bye bye pencil skirts) and my creative, entrepreneurial brain finally has capacity to flourish with a team of super talented specialists. I still get downtown when I need to see people - Type 7 on the Enneagram, here - and enjoy virtual chats with my coworkers. I still work my tail off, but I'm a better wife, mom, and marketer because of the flexibility and support my job allows. 


I want to help solopreneurs and side hustlers like you experience that same flexibility through your business. Make sure you subscribe to This Beautiful Mess podcast so you never miss an episode. And if you want to chat all things marketing or get on the email list click this handy dandy button below! 

Piano Keys

You'll find me tippy tapping away on keys all day. Ones with letters and ones without.(I play the piano & sing every chance I get)

My favorite productivity tools (and toys)

Just so y'a'll know, these are affiliate links! I only recommend things I use and love.

I use this bad boy to hook my Macbook Pro to my sweet curved external monitor. 

And here's that sweet curved external monitor from HP! Makes working on copywriting + website projects so much easier. 

Love, love, love this stand up desk. It's super sturdy and a lot less expensive than other brands. I like to stand during meetings and sometimes when I'm writing.